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  Hampton Veterans Memorial Fund, Inc
9749 Hampton Villa Pl., Hampton Fl 32044
      352-468-2517 M-F 8am-4pm

Hampton Veterans Memorial Fund is a non-profit corporation that was founded in 2008. We thrive to remember our veterans by supporting those organizations nationwide that we have researched and found to be an upright and credible with a goal of working hard to provide for the needs of our vets...such as their housing, food, job support, camps for the children of vets, etc.
We are only able to seek out, find, and donate to these special organizations that we have verified as genuine and true supporters and providers of our vets because of all of you who donate to this very worthy cause. We know so often that you would like to donate to support of vets but you do not have the time to research organizations to rule out any fictitious activities and find the TRUE non-profits that adhere to legal standards and are here solely for our vets in need. We take that problem away from you by finding the true blue vet supporting organizations and supporting them with your donations.
Throughout the year we have fundraisers, but we also need individuals such as you to help support us on a monthly basis. Other than office costs and costs of fundraising activities most of what you give is given directly back to support a needy vet.  When we put on our fundraisers, we try very hard to get business' to donate our needs for each particular fundraiser to allow for more of your money to go back to support a vet in need.
Our veterans are only as good as we help them be.
Please thank a vet by donating today. Remember them: for their bravery, is the soul reason for the freedom we take for granted everyday.
A true statement I once heard rings true "A Veteran is Every Americans Best Friend."  A best friend is someone who is always there to protect you when harm is near. Can you return the favor to help a vet?
Without our warriors, America would lose its independence and strength. We MUST be thankful--downright grateful to EVERY vet that has shared their bravery and devotion to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for us.  And ALWAYS remember those who've given their all and been lost on the path to Liberty to Justice and to the Pursuit of Happiness for EVERY AMERICAN.
Call to make a donation  @ 352-468-2517 or mail your donation to:
Hampton Veterans Memorial Fund, Inc. 9749 Hampton Villa Pl., Hampton, Fl. 32044
We are sorry that we are not set up to take donations over the web at this time. We are a growing organization and just beginning to build this site--Please DO NOT let that deter you. Find our fundraisers on facebook and twitter.

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